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Luxury Four Bedroom Townhomes in Somerset, NJ

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Four Bedroom Townhomes For Sale

From the quality of the community to the value of the investment or the amount of space, there's a lot of factors to consider when selecting a home. The Alexa's townhouses and townhomes offer the best of all these factors. With one of our houses, you'll have no trouble providing a safe and enjoyable environment for your whole family while taking advantage of everything the Tri-State Area has to offer.

Factors in Choosing Your Four Bedroom Townhomes

The Alexa sells both three bedroom townhouses and four bedroom townhomes in Montvale. To decide which floor plan is, consider the following features:

  • Family Size - If you live with a spouse and two kids, you'll likely need four bedrooms: one for you and your spouse, one for each kid, and one for guests. If you have just one child or don't have any, three bedrooms will be enough.
  • Future Plans - Perhaps you plan to have another child, or one of your relatives may need to move in with you if you take care of them. The best townhouse is one that will meet your needs no matter what the future holds.
  • Home Activities - The more you do in your home, the more space you need. If you exercise at home with lots of large gym equipment, you may need an extra bedroom to hold that equipment. Likewise, if you work from home, you'll probably want space for your home office.

The Alexa takes all these factors into account!

Select Your Four Bedroom Townhomes in Somerset, NJ!

The community itself provides a peaceful environment for you and your family. And from shopping at the Shoppes at DePiero's Farm to marching in the town's Memorial Day Parade, you'll always have plenty to do.

Using the Montvale Train Station, you can be in Hoboken in as little as an hour; from there, you can take the PATH Train or the Hudson-Bergen line and visit Weehawken, Jersey City, Bayonne, Newark, and, of course - New York City. All of the Alexa's townhouses provide easy access to this train station, as well as to the Golden State Parkway.

The Alexa is committed to meeting your needs and giving your family the home of your dreams. Contact us today or call (201) 298-HOME (4663) to schedule a tour today!